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Who we are

Advocating for a borderless world 

Who we are

Who we are

At Amorim Law Firm (ALF), our purpose is to advocate for a world without borders. The insights and services we offer help build trust between people, companies and institutions around the world. We develop leaders committed to solutions that add value. In doing so, we play a key role in building an advocacy that brings together expertise and legal innovation in resolving cases.


Founding partner ALF

It is challenging to offer creative solutions for a world that is increasingly integrated and constantly changing. Therefore, our purpose acts as a guide of context and meaning  in each of our actions. We help families settle in new territories; professionals explore global markets; inventors combat the misappropriation of their knowledge; we guide companies with difficulties in structuring operations in Brazil and abroad; we facilitate the entry of new investors in the country; and we work with high quality legal advice to create trust in clients and institutions. In other words, working with people and companies to solve their most urgent challenges.


Through our five lines of integrated services - Investor Advisory, International Contracts, International Intellectual Property, International Mobility and International Advocacy - and our deep knowledge of solutions for these, we work so that ideas, dreams and intentions are transformed into real opportunities. We help our customers to comply with regulatory requirements and obtain the best results with maximum reliability and safety.


We believe that a world without borders is one in which human contact is established without walls and barriers. We work continuously to improve the quality of all our services, investing in people and innovations in order to create positive changes.

Our people 

Our Performance 

We work with focus and dedication to deliver the best results, respecting the greater purpose of advocating for a world without borders. We understand that with each solution, we have a positive and lasting impact on our customers and the communities in which they operate.

We guarantee services with a high degree of assertiveness, agility and confidence, through a wide repertoire of knowledge about legislation, law suits and practices promoting the maximum satisfaction for our customers. The sum of these daily efforts allow us to build a world with fewer barriers for people and companies. This is the motivation that translates into the performance and dedication of our team.

Consultando as leis

In a rapidly changing world, at ALF we make a lasting impactstaying focused on our purpose of building a world without borders ...

... with resources and people integrated in an inclusive and sustainable and constantly growing.

Giselle Amorim

Founding Partner ALF

Our values define who we are 

People who strive for integrity, respect and teamwork  

People with differentials, enthusiasm and courage

People who build relationships based on ethics

Grupo de suporte
Our values

Global and borderless service

Count on our global service network, present in the main countries. Ensuring maximum agility, assertiveness and security for your achievements.

With each new demand, a new challenge and a new opportunity to impact the world. This purpose is what motivates our team and global partners to work with maximum engagement. Our intention goes beyond mere legal advice. We intend that our clients enjoy maximum freedom to transit and carry out their economic operations, simplifying the excess of institutionalized barriers and bureaucracies.

Opportunities for  working

Opportunities for 


The #FutureAtALF is now. Our global partner network provides unlimited opportunities for you to grow and succeed at ALF .

tomando notas

Opportunities for 


The #FutureAtALF is now. Our global partner network provides unlimited opportunities for you to grow and succeed at ALF .

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