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Investor Advisory

Investor Advisory

What is it?

The ALF Investor Advisory sector is responsible for guiding and assisting our clients in achieving their international investment objectives, which can be both real estate and securities.

Through our three lines of service - Analysis of Regulatory Standards and Legal Security, Study and preparation of Business Plans and Residence Authorization for Investors - we help our clients to capitalize international opportunities. We take care of compliance with regulatory requirements, analysis of relevant foreign legislation, keeping investors informed and meet the needs of partners.


In a changing world, we give your company the support it needs to be effective today and create long-term growth for tomorrow.

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Analysis of regulatory standards and legal certainty

We offer detailed analysis of regulatory standards in order to provide greater transparency, technical consistency and predictability in international transactions.

Many of our clients have experience in capital and investment markets, but do not know how to deal with international proposals. Doubts arise as to the legislation and jurisdiction that will be applied, how to protect interests as an investor in these new corporate formats and how to meet the requirements imposed by organizations.

Therefore, ALF proposes to offer a detailed analysis of regulatory standards in order to provide greater transparency, technical consistency and predictability in international transactions.

Analysis of regulatory standards and legal certainty


Legal assistance to foreign companies to obtain licenses in Brazil

Assistance in the implementation and administration of projects in Brazil and abroad

International trade guidance and relevant legislation

Other related demands


Study and elaboration of

business plan

A business plan is a document that describes the objectives of an enterprise and what steps must be taken in order to achieve this objective, reducing risks and uncertainties. With a business plan it is possible to identify and restrict errors on paper instead of making them on the market.

In order to settle in Brazil as an investor, it is necessary to demonstrate to the Federal Government that you have a Business Plan with potential generation of jobs and income in the country.

Thus, the business plan has a dual function: to contribute to the identification of the viability of the business´idea and management of the company, and also to fulfill a basic requirement for your admission as a businessman in Brazil.

Our Investor Advisory team has extensive experience in the study and preparation of assertive business plans, which fulfill the requirements and are frequently admitted by the MTE.

Study and elaboration of business plan


Formation of companies or subsidiaries of Brazilian companies abroad

Installation of binational companies in the Mercosul region

Transfer of resources 

Other related demands

Residence permit for investors

The process of Residence Permit for Investors is granted to immigrants who intend to set up their company or business in Brazil, as long as it satisfies the expected requirements.

The economic growth forecasted by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), predicts Brazil is experiencing a scenario prone to investments from which foreign investors can benefit. In addition to the Business Plan seen in the previous topic, it is necessary to request the issuance of the National Migratory Registration Card - CRNM.

ALF has experience in the process of Residence Authorization for Labor and Investment Purposes and affinity with the Immigration Management and Control System - MIGRANTEWEB, assisting our clients in all stages in consolidating their investment in Brazil.

Residence permit for investors


Residence permit for individual investors

Residence permit for legal entity investor

Expedition and renewal of RNE / CRNM

Other related demands

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