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What we do

International Advocacy

International Advocacy

What is it?

The ALF International Advocacy sector focuses on social relations that connect national and foreign legislation. We serve people with the varied profiles and demands.

Divided into three lines of service- Families & Successions, Consultancy in Private International Law and Homologation of foreign judgments - we assist in complying with regulatory requirements imposed by international procedures, intermediating and working with the responsible institutions and keeping the client always informed of changes.

In all matters and problems, ALF teams use their experience, judgment and diverse perspectives to help our clients face their challenges, so that their dreams can be achieved.

Get to know our solutions below.

Family & International Successions

We work with all demands involving international family law, from marriage to estate planning and inheritance.

Social relations have long not been limited to only one state. We are increasingly seeing family constitutions of different nationalities and, as a result, simple issues such as adoption or divorce may require a closer and more specialized view. Therefore, we help people and their new family configurations to conquer their goals and achieve their aspirations.


We recognize and support the needs of each of our customers in a personalized way, helping them to solve bureaucratic obstacles through structured planning and technical knowledge.


International Adoption

Transcription of foreign marriage in Brazil (validation)

International Divorce

Other related demands

Family & International Successions

Consultancy & Advisory  of Private International Law

We work with demands that require experienced International Legal Consultancy & Advice, dealing with both existing difficulties and preventing the emergence of new problems.

Our International Legal Consulting & Advisory has a wide range of activities.


We provide a prevention service, aiming at saving time and financial resources. Our main purpose is to develop and assist individuals, governmental organizations and the public sector worldwide. Our work also focuses on assisting existing issues, such as demands before the Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Consultancy & Advisory  of Private International Law


Advice on asset acquisition by person residing abroad

Extradition process

Revocation of expulsion of foreigner before the MJ

Other related demands

Homologation of

foreign sentences

Foreign judgments will only be effective in Brazil after the competent homologation process. For this reason, we represent the need of our national and foreign clients before the Superior Court of Justice (STJ) in order to gain legal legitimacy within Brazil from decisions rendered abroad.

Divorces abroad , international adoption, compliance with food court orders. All judicial procedures in other countries that require ratification by the Judiciary in order to be effective in national territory must be approved. After ratification before the STJ, our office will proceed with the execution of the foreign sentence in the competent Federal Court.

ALF has qualified professionals to represent the Brazilian or foreign citizen before the Superior Court of Justice in the most diverse types of actions for ratifying foreign judgments.

Homologation of foreign sentences


Homologation of a consensual or litigious foreign sentence

Concession of "Exequatur" in Letters Rogatory

Legalization of documents in the MRE and Embassies

Homologation of foreign judgments


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