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What we do

International Business

International Contracts

What is it?

International contracts are those that are linked to more than one national legal system. The ALF International Business sector is responsible for resolving any conflicts based on the rules of International Business Law.

Through our four lines of service - Comprehensive Advice for International Transactions (Cross-Border), Structuring of International Operations, Conducting and supporting International Negotiations and International Corporate Advice - we support all stages of an international negotiation.


International trade involves negotiations between two or more countries and, knowing that each has a distinct national legal system, disparities and barriers often interfere with the legal conclusion of these businesses.

ALF's purpose is to help our clients capitalize on international opportunities. Therefore, we offer a comprehensive analysis of the typical aspects of the formation of international contracts and their special clauses (hardship clause), general contracting conditions and applicable legislation.


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Comprehensive advice for international transactions


Called "cross-border trade", this trend refers to online sales and ways of delivering these products abroad. ALF takes care of the viability of the cross border, coordinating and cooperating with the various parties that make up this operation.

With cross-border trade, there is a significant increase in international customer acquisition without a high initial investment. On the other hand, its viability depends on the coordination and cooperation of companies, carriers, systems, government agencies and many people - which makes  this complex operation.


That is why ALF's team of Integral Advisory for International Transactions (Cross-Border) seeks to reduce cross border difficulties and make this trend an opportunity for your business. We take care of regulatory issues, logistics and organizational readiness.

Comprehensive advice for international transactions (cross-border)


Consistency analysis of legislation

Mitigation of legal limitations on sales

Logistics and reverse logistics

Other related demands

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Structuring of International Operations

Through the Operations Structuring sector, ALF combines technical, commercial and legal knowledge necessary to operate in the International Business Market.

Structuring International Operations can be understood as decisions that shape the capabilities of any type of operation and contribute to the corporate strategy, aligning the client's intentions with the operation's resources. This allows the positive use of exchange rate variations, obtaining significant financial profits.


ALF offers a broad and safe vision for the capital contribution that takes our clients' companies to a new level - superior, comfortable, structured and international.

Structuring of International Operations


Preparation of contracts involving international exchange

Preparation, discussion & evaluation of international contracts

Development of specific legal opinions

Other related demands

Conducting and supporting international negotiations

In an international negotiation there are strategies and precautions that must be considered. At ALF we understand that the parties need to be clear about the processes, carrying out the studies and planning necessary for any agreement to be beneficial to all those involved.

All international negotiations require a prior survey of information about those involved and the creation of strategies to ensure the closing of the deal. Cultural and behavioral factors must be considered and legal and tax aspects can both facilitate and complicate an operation of this nature.

ALF is prepared to conduct and support all stages of an international negotiation, guaranteeing its progress and meeting the expectations of our customers . Planning is essential.

Conducting and supporting international negotiations


Risk analysis and assessment

Conducting meetings in foreign languages

Full post-transaction advice

Other related demands


International Corporate Advisory

Starting from an integral provision of services, ALF deals with the corporate issues of its clients' companies, taking care of the formalities of the constitution, the continuity of a company and its relationship with its partners.

The ALF International Corporate Advisory sector provides support on issues involving the division of responsibility of the partners and types of business that will be formed. We advise the partners on the constitution of the business, as well as aspects that impact the responsibility and structuring of the corporate part of the company.


We are attentive to take care of everything that interferes with the social capital of our clients, resolving uncertainties and distributing responsibilities according to the participation of each member.

International Corporate Advisory


International corporate restructuring

Succession planning

Property protection

Structuring of merger, incorporation or spin-off processes

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