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What we do


International Mobility

What is it?

The ALF Immigration sector focuses on all people who intend to become global citizens. A global citizen is someone who first identifies themselves not as a member of a specific state or nation, but as a member of humanity. They are prepared to act according to this belief and face the greatest challenges in the world.

Divided into three lines of service - Citizenship, Naturalization, Residence Permit & Regularization of Foreigners - our work is dedicated to finding, supporting and activating global citizens.


This is because we have extensive experience in acquiring foreign citizenship, assisting our clients in gathering all the documents necessary to comply with consular requirements. In addition, our Naturalization and Residence Authorization procedures before the Federal Police are extremely technical and assertive.

In all matters and problems, ALF teams use their experience, judgment and diverse perspectives to help our clients face the obstacles necessary for their dreams to come true.

Get to know our solutions below.


A second passport always brings countless advantages and achieving European citizenship is the dream of many Brazilians. Read more and see how ALF can help you with this project.

TGaining a European passport is positive in several areas: working freely in all European Union member countries, traveling to different parts of the world without a visa and, most importantly, achieving the dreamed quality of life that offers security combined with better future perspectives.


Although many Brazilians have the right to European citizenship (whether Portuguese, Spanish, Italian or French), few are aware of this possibility since the nationality is due to distant relatives. If this is your case, please know that this does not prevent you from acquiring dual citizenship. For this, we have a team specialized in the necessary procedures for the acquisition of citizenship, with accompaniment in Consulates and international Courts.



Portuguese & Spanish Citizenship

Italian citizenship

French Citizenship

Other citizenships

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Naturalization is the act by which a person voluntarily acquires Brazilian nationality, provided that it meets the requirements established by law, decree and related standards.

Immigrants who are residing in Brazilian territory and who comply with legal requirements may apply for naturalization. The request will be submitted to one of the units of the Federal Police and addressed to the Ministry of Justice. With that, it becomes possible to acquire Brazilian nationality with equal rights, civil obligations and political rights.

Our ALF Naturalization team will evaluate which model best suits your needs - Ordinary, Extraordinary, Provisional or Special Naturalization - as well as taking care of the documentation provided according to the type of naturalization required.



Ordinary naturalization

Extraordinary naturalization

Provisional naturalization

Transformation of temporary naturalization into permanent

Residence permit

Residence permits are granted to immigrants wishing to work or reside and establish themselves temporarily or permanently in Brazil, as long as they satisfy the special requirements set out in the Migration Law and its regulations.

Upon arriving in Brazil, the foreigner may present themseves as a tourist for a maximum period of 90 (ninety) days. If needed to stay longer, you must apply for a residence permit in order to maintain your regular status with the Federal Police. Ignoring this process means paying a daily fine to the Brazilian Government and being banned from they territory for a few months.


Therefore, we have a team prepared to deal with the residence authorization process where the immigrant is registered, obtains a National Migratory Registry (RNM) and a resident immigrant identification document - which gives you peace and security in your actions and individual freedoms like coming and going.

Residence permit


Residence permit based on Family Reunion

Residence permit for study purposes

Residence permit based on retirement or death pension

Other related demands


Foreigner regularization

If our customers do not meet the requirements for acquiring citizenship, but are still interested in living abroad, we offer other solutions.

If you have the dream of living in Europe,, in a more peaceful and safe country, know that there are different legal ways to do this. There are opportunities for those who are retired, want to invest, open a business, study or work. Even buying property can make it possible to gain a visa.

To help in the planning of those who intend to move abroad, ALF's Foreigner Regularization sector gathers the main types of visas for those who intend to move to Portugal and to the United States.

Count on us!

Foreigner regularization
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D7 visa for retirees - Portugal

D3 visa for qualified professionals - Portugal

E-2 or EB-5 visa for investors - United States

Other related demands

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